Filippo De Pisis: Landscape with the Swan Domenico Ghirlandaio, The Annunciation From the Workshop of Andrea della Robbia, Madonna with Child

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The holdings of the Civic Museums of Florence is approximately 50,000 assets of historical and artistic interest, divided in collections and stored at the premises of the museum system or in the depositories. The formation of the collections, heterogeneous in nature, is the result of an ongoing of acquisitions collected  in time from the late nineteenth century and ongoing.The artistic heritage already present in the monumental property owned by the City of Florence...
The Archive of the Civic Museums of Florence was founded in 1985, when the City of Florence split its Fine Arts Division into two sectors: the Museums Department and the Fine Arts Department (including Works from Palazzo Vecchio, Doors and Walls, Monuments, Churches, etc.). Since that date, the archival documents related to the museum spaces and their assets have been allocated to the Museums Department.The materials in the archive...
The first group by the Photo Archive was formed at the beginning of the twentieth century to collect, sort and store the photographic documentation produced by the offices responsible for the management and conservation of the monumental buildings corporation. The photographic archive functioned, in fact, to serve the need to document the pieces made by the Office of Fine Arts and Antiquities of the Municipality of Florence, established in 1907. Therefore, during the...

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This site was created to make the collections of the Civic Museums of Florence available to the public and is progressively being updated with the new data publications. The archive of historical, artistic, and photographic works along with municipal property documentation is currently being catalogued. The first part of the materials are currently available in the network and we are working with the aim to make all content related to civic collections available digitally.
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