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The holdings of the Civic Museums of Florence is approximately 60,000 assets of historical and artistic interest, divided in collections and stored at the premises of the museum system or in the depositories. The formation of the collections, heterogeneous in nature, is the result of an ongoing of acquisitions collected  in time from the late nineteenth century and ongoing.

The artistic heritage already present in the monumental property owned by the City of Florence, above all, Palazzo Vecchio, came gradually by adding themselves to other collections received in donation or bequest or acquired as part of systematic campaigns aimed at creating new reality museums.


Among the more antique collections, those collected in the environment of a project for a musem that witnessed the history and the urban look of Florence through the centuries, developed at the impulse of the debated demolition of the old center beginning in the late nineteenth century, must be mentioned. They are attributable to this project, never fully realized, the collections Museum of Ancient Florence and Historical Topographical Museum"Florence as it was”. The countless donations and acquisitions of works of art and memorabilia related to events of the period of Risorgimento have instead originated the collection Museum of the Risorgimento.

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The purpose of creating new museum entities was to address the Galleria d’Arte Moderna’s collections and the 20th century art collections, primarily the collection of the Museo Internazionale d'Arte Contemporanea. These were intended to form a museum as a symbolic compensation for the damages suffered by Florence’s artistic heritage during the flood of 1966; the project, strongly backed by Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, supplemented by the individual donations of many valuable works, like those of Alberto Della Ragione Collection. Today the art collections are part of the Museo Novecento.

Equally important are the collections acquired through bequests and donations from collectors, artists, and others from the cultural and civic institutions, merged in museums and in part on deposit with other institutions. Among the most notable of the collections are the legacy of the artist Rinaldo Carnielo, the legacy of Charles Loeser exhibited in the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio, the donation of Salvatore Romano hosted in the Cenacolo di Santo Spirito and the legacy of the collector and antiquarian Stefano Bardini, whose palace operates today as his namesake museum and displays his vast art collection.


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This site was created to make the collections of the Civic Museums of Florence available to the public and is progressively being updated with the new data publications. The archive of historical, artistic, and photographic works along with municipal property documentation is currently being catalogued. The first part of the materials are currently available in the network and we are working with the aim to make all content related to civic collections available digitally.
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